shauna lee lange


artist statement

Shauna Lee Lange is the Founder of The Art Evangelist, a full-service liturgical art advisory in sacred spaces, public places, and creative placemaking, established in 2006.

Her neo-pointillism art ( and her collage art ( along with her Connecticut-based illustration, design, and art services ( seek to communicate, listen, and understand.

A late-emergent, self-taught artist, Lange is United States born 1963 and a US Veteran. A resident of Connecticut since 2017, she is a driven arts advocate, speaker, and arts education proponent. Immersed in visual thinking, communication, and culture, Lange’s personal art and that of her firm’s project work seeks to encourage large-scale, public thematic works in nature, faith systems, and personal geographies.  She holds a prior 15+ year US Government career in management and regulatory analytics.

Lange’s visual artwork encompasses artistry in naturalist watercolor styling and color-intensive collage. Decisions are based on inspired mood, color, and composition. Work from 2006 – 2012 concentrated within watercolor and collage realms of art journaling, visual diaries, book arts, and sketchbook communities.  Lange still regularly participates in International Urban Sketcher forums and other artist collectives.

Solo work exhibited in 2015 was in the field of neo-pointillism through hand-rendered abstract circles rendered in a concentration of numerous sizes, light effects, color harmonies, and interplay.  Ongoing watercolors are exacting, laborious, and fully concentrated methods with neo-pointillist (aboriginal-inspired) micro-circle fine art.  The abstract work is clean, colorful, systematic, and serious, much after the Hiroyuki Doi school. With a concentration on interdependencies, sustainability, and systems thinking, the works explore and push color field theory.

Collage techniques are intuitive, experimental, and constantly changing. Lange has learned to embrace big systems thinking; a true analyst.  Always trying to make a whole out of the sum of parts; she is seeking greater meaning. How subjects, people, and events intersect in unusual and unexpected ways has led her to invest in a naturalist’s art life in rural and coastal themes, within nature, spirituality, and faith-based intersections. This shift pursues social concerns in community, culture, and human creativity.  Where prior efforts were explorative, current work is focused and directed at meaning and application.

Lange’s motivation is to create and illuminate pathways. With a desire to meet others (figuratively and literally) through art; she also hopes to meet her true self and her maker.

artist resume


United States born 1963, US Veteran. Connecticut resident since 2017. Self-taught professional watercolor and collage artist, arts administrator, and visionary art advisor.  Creative direction and curatorial experience in visual and fine art arenas. Driven arts advocate, speaker, and arts education proponent. Immersed in visual thinking, communication, and culture.  Large-scale, public art thematic works in nature, faith systems and personal geographies.  Prior 15+ year US Government management and regulatory analytics.

solo shows

2015  US National Park Service, Everglades National Park.  Microcircles:  Periphery.  Microcircles Periphery (2015): Everglades National Park (video)

2014  Florida Gulf Coast University, Punta Gorda, FL.  Microcircles:  Coastal

2013  Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association, Port Charlotte, FL.  Microcircles:  Architecture

2013  Charlotte County Administration Building, Port Charlotte, FL.  Microcircles:  Transients

2010  Alexandria City Council Chambers, Alexandria, VA.  Vintage Chromolithographs (2010).

public installation art

2015  World Wide InternetProvocateur Series, Shauna Lee Lange.

2011  Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation/New Mexico Main Street Program.  Next Big Idea;  Festival of Discovery, Invention and Innovation.

2010, 2008  VA Business Improvement District, Crystal City, VA.  G40

2010, 2009  Nationals Baseball Stadium & Half-Street Corporation, Washington, DC.

2009  US Department of Transportation Sloan Gallery, Washington, DC

Takoma Park, MD Metro Underpass.

International Sketchbook Project, World Wide Internet.  Curator Kenya Bevans.

2009  Artomatic09, Washington DC

Art House Sketchbook Exchange, Atlanta, GA.  Everything You Know.

jurored shows (juror)

2010  Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA.  Open Exhibition

2009  The Art League, Alexandria, VA.  2011 Solo Show Awards

2009  The Soundry, Vienna, VA.  12 Angry Women

2008  Friends of the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA.  2009 Artist of the Year

jurored shows (participant)

2016  Hermitage Artist Retreat, Manasota Key, FL. Plein Air Painting Day 2016.  Juror Diane Mannion. (Nov 16 – Jan 17)

2016  North Port Art Center, North Port, FL.  Kaleidoscope Abstraction Summer 2016.  Juror Tiffany Jennings.  (First Place Blue Ribbon Prize Winner for 2015 The Nature of Water)

2014  Cape Coral Arts Studio, Cape Coral, FL.  May Blooms.  Juror Cape Coral Board of Commissioners.

2012  St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, DC.  Boy Boy (permanent exhibition).  Juror Randall Holloway.

2011  World Wide WebStacks.  Juror and Curator Seth Apter.

2011  Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall School, Nashville, TN.  The Art of Collage and Assemblage.  Juror and Curator Marla Faith.

2011  Salt Creek Artworks, St. Petersburg, FL.  Studio Studio! Juror and Curator Sheree Rensel.

2009  The Torpedo Factory & The Art Outlet, Alexandria, VA.  Third Annual Orinda: Day of the Dead.  Juror Henrik Sundquist.

2009  Del Ray Artisans, Del Ray, VA.  Nocturne:  From Dawn to Dusk.  Juror Seana Gallagher.

2009  Pyramid Atlantic, Bethesda, MD & Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA.  Book Arts.  Juror Helen Frederick.

group shows

2017  Roughhewn People, Park Ridge, IL.  Ask. Listen. Journey.

2017  Englewood Art Center, Englewood, FL.  Calling Englewood.

2016  Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA.  Christmas Is ____.

2015  North Port Art Center, North Port, FL.  Viva Florida FL 500.

2014, #Tweetusart.

2013  Venice Art Center, Venice, FL.  Summerfest 2013:  Gifts of the Gulf.

2011  Arts & Humanity Council of the Keys, Key West, FL.  A Salute To Veterans II.

2011  The Studios of Key West, FL.  Love:  10th Anniversary of the One Human Family.

2010  Private Art Auction, Del Ray, VA.  50/50 Haiti.

2009  Habitat Galleries, McLean, VA.  Leukemia  Lymphoma Society Fundraiser.

2009  Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA.  Postcards.

2009  Climate Gallery, Long Island, NY.  Die Zeit of Drawing

2009  APW Gallery, Long Island, NY.  Vinyl Records

2009, 2008  A Show of Hands, Del Ray, VA.

2008  Brooklyn Art Gym, Brooklyn, NY.  BKLYN: 111.

2008  Service Members Legal Defense Networks, Washington, DC.  National Dinner & Charity Auction.

2008  NBC4, Washington DC.  15th Annual Health & Fitness /2nd Annual DC Scene Artists Exposition

2008  Alexandria Art League, Alexandria, VA.  41st Annual Art League Patrons Show.

press, media & workshops

South Florida Arts Journal.  Cover Artist Inaugural Issue.

Author, No Plaything:  Articulated Terracotta Dolls and the Greek Girl Child in 5th Century Antiquity.

North Port Arts Center, North Port, FL.  Funtastic Summer Kids Camp.

Somerset Studios Gallery Magazine.  Featured Artist.

World Net Daily.  Featured Artist.

TEDX, Sarasota, FL.  12/12/12.

Charlotte County Cultural Center.  Pt. Charlotte, FL. Art Journaling for Artists Workshops.

KONK Broadcasting Network, Key West, FL.  Radio & Internet Broadcasting Personality.

Charlotte County Arts & Humanities Council, Port Charlotte, FL.  ArtSensation Exposition.

State of Florida Division of Culture, Tampa, FL.  Culture Builds Florida.

Mid Atlantic Arts News/Daily Campello.  Contributing Writer under Editor Lenny Campello.

Cloth, Paper, Scissors STUDIOS Magazine.  Featured Artist.

Art Whino, National Harbor, MD.  Low Brow vs. High Brow Art Panelist. (2008)

Torpedo Art Factory, Alexandria, VA “Cultivate Your Tast for Art:  Establishing and Art Collection” Panelist. (2008)

Voice of America.  Radio Broadcast Interview on Painter C. M. Dupre.

Americans for the Arts & Vander Zee School of Painting.  Panelist. (2008)

Author, State of American Public Art & Culture Museums.

arts education & certifications

    • 2017 – 2006.  Creative Art Consultants International.  Founder & Creative Director.
    • 2014, 2012.  Arts Council of Charlotte County.  Art Therapy.
    • 2012.  Florida licensed art gallery & art consultant.
    • 2011.  Florida Auctioneers Academy.  Auction House Business License.
    • 2011 – 2006.  Shauna Lee Lange Studios.  Founder & Creative Director.
    • 2010.  Virginia licensed art gallery & art consultant.
    • 2008.  New York Art Expo.  Collector Development.
    • 2008, 2006.  Art History & Art Appreciation Certifications.
    • 2005.  Rhode Island School of Design.  Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.
    • 2004.  Arizona licensed art gallery & art consultant.
    • 2003.  Graduate School USDA Federal Executive Institute.  Leadership Management.
    • 2000 – 1996.  Roger Williams University.  Public Administration Arts Management  (non-degree).

arts administration skill set

  • Arts Writer – Editor, Idea Generator, Critique & Criticism
  • Large Scale Public Art – Proposal, Design, RFP Process, Installation
  • Strategic Planning – Systems Thinking, Business Process Improvement
  • Public Art Administration – Foundation & Relationship Developer, Collector Management
  •  Arts Education – Workshops, Lectures, Seminars, Fairs & Festivals Organizer, Exhibitor

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