The Art Evangelist – Sacred Spaces and Public Places

The Art Evangelist helps individuals, organizations, and communities explore how religion and faith happen in material culture.  We bridge the world of scholarship and museum practice.  We support all those seeking, at whatever level, to understand and explain the relationships between objects, art and belief.  We continue to work on a collective body of ACTIVE faith-producing artists or those working within the liturgical arena.  A good curator is like an art evangelist, a missionary for a better world — (s)he celebrates the aesthetics of life, and keeps praying and working towards these goals.

Our art programs seek to enliven and deepen conversation and communication about difficult matters facing faith communities and humanity. These include art exhibitions focusing on the issues of faith challenges.

We seek to utilize the sacred space as a means to fill art education and spiritual communication gaps.  Overwhelming research points to the positive impact a strong art background can have on our community development and overall life’s enrichment.

We also work to develop an individual’s expression through art.  Specifically, developing the ability to see; honing the ability to draw what one sees; concentrating on an ability to produce art through discipline and work ethic; refining the ability to promote oneself and the work; and finally, crafting the ability to say no.

Increasingly, interfaith spaces are bringing works of art into their buildings in order to enhance worship and provide a focus for prayer and reflection. By exploring the relationship between faith and the visual arts, we can assist with advice on how to commission works of art, how to place them, and how to hold art meaningful and exciting exhibitions for the congregation and general public.

Finally, The Art Evangelist provides leading resources for program management consultation to organizations involved in art administration, art application, art’s meaning and most importantly, art’s communication in nature and faith.  We generate ideas, we help deliver message, we illuminate strategic plans, we simplify challenges, and we walk through strategies for successful outreach.  We’re problem solvers and creative idea people.

This is just a sampling of our talents.  We support Americans for the Arts in FOCUSING on the arts at local, state, and national levels; ENCOURAGING individuals and organizations to participate in the arts;  ALLOWING governments and businesses to show their support of the arts; and  RAISING public awareness about the role arts and humanities play. We have a philanthropic eye towards US Veterans, and we work to utilize art as healing therapies.

The Art Evangelist is also a member of:  The Forum for Architecture, Culture & Spirituality (ACS); Partners for Sacred Places; and Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA).