The Collaged Reinterpretation of Susan Abbott, Shauna Lee Lange (circa 2006)


In 2006, in a 4th story apartment in metropolitan Washington, DC, faced with empty-nest syndrome, I was frustrated with looming challenges in connecting to likeminded art professionals (back in the days of newly emerging social media).  So I created a group known as Creative Art Consultants International.  And each day, I researched people, I added people, I talked to people, I exchanged ideas.  I tell you now, that simple activity was a lifeline.  One day I woke to find that group had grown and morphed into a virtual think tank.  Build it and they will come.  I did, and they do.

What’s more important now, is the available resource this avails our art & culture systems work and it will help YOU achieve your goals, too.  We have on hand creative professionals of every walk of life, in nearly every major location – sculptors, potters, advisors, educators, thinkers, doers, flamboyant scene makers, and literati.

As of June 2016, just a short ten years after our launch, over 17,000 global art professionals were regularly and meaningfully participating.  That’s an addition of approximately 1,700 people a year, or 141 people a month, or 5 a day, WHILE holding down a full time Federal job, exhibiting art professionally, falling in love and losing love, bringing new life into this world, and relocating my home 8 times since.  And that’s how I (and many other creatives) roll.  Come on over and chime in.  More art is more love.

the art evangelist is a full-service liturgical art advisory specializing in sacred spaces, public places and creative placemaking. How can we help you grow? 941/875.5190.